TEC Mailing Solutions LLC (WS)

Version 3.0


AccountService Web Service


Interface for the AccountService. 


AccountService (Web Service):

The AccountService provides a number of methods to create and edit “User Groups” and/or “User Accounts”.  There are a number of ways that accounts can be constructed and managed.  The more control that the provider\developer can have on the structure of the account information the better.  As part of the end user account process.  TEC Mailing Solutions places the responsibility on the provider\developer to display, reference or require the viewing of TEC Mailing Solutions’ end users’ terms and conditions information provided at: Http://www.tecmailapps.com/terms.aspx.  A number of typical user an user group scenarios are provided below in two graphics.

Account (Provider, Client, End User) Examples

The following three diagrams detail the options around the provider (developer), the Client (Customer whom may be paying for the services, or managing the pricing), User Groups (any group or end users associated with each other.  Example: Company), and the End Users.

Diagram – Provider w/pass through accounting:  (Provider\Developer that has each of its clients paying for services through TEC Mailing Solutions).   

Diagram – Provider w/single client accounting:  (Provider\Developer that is directly paying for services through TEC Mailing Solutions).

Diagram Single client accounting w/User Group Examples:  (Provider\Developer that is directly paying for services through TEC Mailing Solutions).

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