TEC Mailing Solutions LLC (WS)

Version 4.0


Methods: OrderService

Name  Description 
CloseOrder  Close an existing order. 
CreateConfig  Creates a config based on a previous order. 
CreateOrder  The CreateOrder Method is the primary method to create a new processing "job"
CreateScanDataFile  Creates a file containing scan information. 
CreateSubscriptionOrder  Create a new subscription order. 
DeleteConfig  Deletes a config. 
ExecuteOpenOrder  Execute an existing order, without closing it. 
ExecuteOrder  The ExecuteOrder Method is the final call to inititate the processing of the "job" after the "job" has been created and files uploaded.
ExecuteSubscriptionOrder  Execute an existing Subscription order. 
ExecuteSubscriptionOrderForUser  Execute an existing Subscription order, specifying the user to create the subscription for 
GetCommingleComparison  Returns values for comparing costs for a job run with ExecuteOpenOrder 
GetConfig  Creates a config based on a previous order. 
GetConfigs  Creates a config based on a previous order. 
GetCreditCardAliases  Retrieves any CreditCardAlias for the currently logged in user. 
GetOrder  The GetOrder Method should be called after an order is submitted, using the unique identifier that was returned from the SubmitOrder or the CreateOrder call.
GetOrderOutput  The GetOrderOutput Method can be called once the order is complete, using the unique identifier that was returned from the SubmitOrder or CreateOrder call
GetOrders  The GetOrders Method can be called if a client has lost a ticket for an order or to query all the orders that have been submitted.  This operation accepts criteria for searching orders and will return statuses and tickets for all matching orders.
GetOrderStatus  Retrieve the status of an existing order. 
GetPaymentMethods  Retrieves the available Payment Methods for the currently logged in user. 
GetPortalJob  Retrieves a Portal Job 
GetPostage  Retrieve a file from the order. 
GetQuote  Retrieves service pricing. 
GetServiceTypeCodes  Retrieves valid service type codes given various mailing options. 
GetStreamedOrderOutput  Retrieve a file from the order using a stream object. 
GetSubscriptions  Retrieves current subscriptions. 
GetSubscriptionTypes  Retrieves subscription types. 
UpdateMailDat  Updates reports created during presort with new information (Mail date and piece weight). 
UploadFile  The UploadFile method supports the physical post of a file using a fileID defined in the CreateOrder Method
ValidateOrder  The ValidateOrder Method performs a simple validation to make sure that all of the necessary elements are defined and matching files are uploaded for file(s) types.